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Our Key Services Include:

  • Construction Surveying Services
  • Site surveys, topographical surveys and as-built surveys
  • Design, engineering and construction surveys for transportation, structural, municipal, industrial and mechanical projects
  • Quality Control / Quality Assurance - record keeping and as-builts; evaluation and adherence to construction tolerances and specific requirements
  • Site survey control and management for infrastructure and building site grids
  • Construction onsite layout, cut sheets, slope-staking and grading
  • Earthworks measurement and quantity calculations
  • Custom layout plans and dimensioning
  • One-Person topo and construction layout using RTK GPS Units
  • Robotic Total Stations – one person precision control and layout
  • CADD On Site - alignment and cross-section calculations and checking
  • Shallow water (up to 30m depth ) bathymetric surveys using Hydrolite equipment integrated with GPS receivers. We can also assist with precise alignment and metrology, and deformation and structural monitoring for engineering surveys
  • Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) surveys
  • Underground utility locates
  • Resource surveys for well sites, pipelines, and access roads

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With locations across Canada and in the US, Allnorth prides itself on being responsive to client needs and to providing leading-edge methodologies, technologies and protocols. Having a local presence helps us build strong relationships, and working cross functionally throughout the company helps us leverage the strengths of our entire team to deliver successful client solutions. Contact us today for more information as to how we can work together for you.

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