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Maximizing Efficiency

We Deliver Solutions

Our multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, environmental scientists, and regulatory professionals understand the demands of energy and renewables projects from start to finish.

Allnorth provides a comprehensive range of engineering, construction, environmental, and project management services. Maximizing efficiency through all phases of projects, from planning and design to construction and operations, is Allnorth’s specialty. Our multi-disciplinary teams deliver cost-effective solutions and a hands-on approach to ensure project success.

Our Oil & Gas

Allnorth provides full-circle engineering, project management and construction services, and we have positioned ourselves as a reliable source in the heart of Canada’s Oil & Gas energy sector.  From Edmonton to Terrace, our multi-disciplinary teams deliver all-inclusive services to our clients, maximizing their production and delivery targets in today’s market, through cost-effective solutions and a hands-on approach.

We have worked on projects in the Western Canadian conventional oil, heavy oil and oil sands areas either directly for the producer, or indirectly as support to a general engineering firm or contractor. We have a proven track record of delivering projects reliably and safely to scope, schedule and budget.

Allnorth has the processes, expertise and experience of a large company, with the flexibility and agility of a smaller firm – a unique proposition in an ever evolving industry. We are known for our ability to create customized solutions to our clients’ project requirements.

  • We can design and create essential site infrastructure, including access roads, power distribution networks, worker facilities, and water treatment.
  • We can work with regulatory agencies and all levels of government to secure necessary environmental, development and transportation approvals and permits.
  • We have a successful history in the design and execution of upgrade projects in operating process plants, and in the design of pipelines.
Key Services
  • Conceptual studies, including FEL and FEED
  • Complete engineering and design
  • Project and construction management
  • A full range of operating and sustaining capital analyses
  • Operations and maintenance programs
  • Construction services
  • Consulting and advisory solutions

Our Process

The following table outlines the stages Allnorth takes a project through from concept to design, build and commission.

& Scope
& Design
Execution & ImplementationOperationsDecommissioning
  • Opportunity identification
  • Conceptual Studies
  • Regulatory Investigation
  • Project scope development
  • Capital cost estimation
    • Scoping level to AFE grade
  • Project economic evaluation
  • Permitting
  • Preliminary design & drawings
  • Multidisciplinary engineering
  • Project Management
  • Construction management
  • Procurement
  • Contract tendering and management
  • Cost control
  • Project risk control
  • Scheduling
  • 3D design, modeling
  • Document control
  • Turnover packages
  • Technical assistance
  • Data and operating manuals
  • QC and design checks
  • Process debottlenecking
  • Focused problem solving
  • Process/control optimization
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Reliability evaluation

Upstream Capabilities

Allnorth provides safe and reliable key services to support oil and gas exploration and production – from well site to distribution facility. We have provided technical expertise on projects covering conventional, heavy oil, oil sands and natural gas fields.

With decades  of experience working alongside our Oil and Gas clients, we provide a full range of services including oil batteries and satellites, well sites and gathering systems, water handling facilities, pipelines and pump stations, in addition to facilitating site access, including  developing resource roads and bridges.

Our technical experts can assist with:

  • Sweet and sour facilities
  • Emulsion and gas gathering systems
  • Water injection pipeline systems
  • Water injection facilities
  • Well sites
  • Oil satellites / batteries
  • Dehydration
  • Compression
  • HC dewpoint control – refrigeration and JT gas plants
  • Oil blending projects
  • Gas plants

Midstream Capabilities

Our renowned industrial engineers know how to design brand-new gas plants, optimized compressor/pumping stations, and ancillary facilities, such as camps and truck shops, in the most remote and challenging locations.

Allnorth’s technical experts can upgrade and improve existing process plants by identifying bottlenecks to improve your bottom-line. Allnorth has a proven track record of delivering projects reliably and safely to scope, schedule and budget.

Our midstream competencies include:

  • Pipelines
  • Liquids and gas storage terminals
  • Pump stations
  • Compression stations
  • Truck / rail loading offloading
  • ROW development, permitting, survey, roads and bridges

Downstream Capabilities

As your downstream partners, Allnorth’s engineers, designers and specialists have the skills and experience both in greenfield and brownfield retro-fits applicable to refineries and LNG facilities.

Our team can help with process simulation, equipment design, plant design, procurement, estimation, planning, and construction services for:

  • Refining
  • LNG Liquefaction and regasification
  • Petrochemical Processing

 We understand what it takes to keep a facility operating efficiently, reliably, while most importantly, safely executing new capital investments. We will listen to your needs, understand your pain-points and your goals. The result will be a design that provides a reduced safety risk to your team, while meeting both long-term operating and maintenance objectives.

Assisting Owners

Pipeline Decommissioning

After a pipeline has reached the end of its useful life, the next phase of the pipeline life cycle begins. Pipeline owners cannot simply walk away from a pipeline. Pipelines need to be taken out of service safely and permanently, minimizing effects on communities and the environment. Taken out of service means that the pipeline is either left in place or removed. Owners are forever responsible for a decommissioned pipeline and are required to monitor a decommissioned line just as they would an active line.

Various bodies regulate gathering, transmission, and distribution of pipelines and those that apply will depend on the pipeline being international, inter-provincial or intra-provincial. In addition to federal and provincial regulatory bodies, there may be other governmental agencies within each respective jurisdiction that may have an interest in the decommissioning of a pipeline. Pipeline owners must seek and receive approval from these various organizations and be compliant with all government legislation to decommission a pipeline.

Pipeline owners must present a decommissioning plan to the regulatory bodies that has been developed in consultation with landowners, First Nations groups and other potentially affected groups and persons. The plan should reduce risk to public safety, property and the environment.

Allnorth’s team of pipeline decommission experts can assist owners through the regulatory, engineering and execution phases of any sized pipeline decommissioning project.


Our step-by-step plan will reduce risk and ensure all hazards to the public, environment and industry are mitigated or eliminated. In addition, our integrated project delivery approach to working with owners and contractors ensures that the execution of each project is done right, on time and on budget.

Regulatory Support

Various bodies regulate gathering, transmission, and distribution of pipelines.

Pipeline owners must seek and receive approval from these various organizations and be compliant with all government legislation to decommission a pipeline. 

The pipeline decommissioning regulatory process is a multi-dimensional exercise that requires wide stakeholder input, and must meet the requirements of all the respective government organizations. The Allnorth team is experienced in moving projects through the regulatory process and assist owners in achieving compliance.

Detailed Engineering and Execution Planning

A pipeline decommissioning plan needs to minimize the impact to the environment and address future land use.

Areas sensitive to land disturbance, roads, railways, parks, ecological reserves, and unstable or highly erodible slopes will all impact the development and implementation of a decommissioning plan.

The team at Allnorth has experience in identifying the areas of risk to the environment and to other stakeholders, and can provide cost-effective solutions.

Construction Management and Construction Services

From regulatory and detailed engineering phases, Allnorth will assist in executing the decommissioning plan, by providing construction management and support services for the owner. Our integrated project delivery model enables a collaborative environment and a successful outcome between the owner, Allnorth and the contractor.

Key Services

Regulatory Support

  • Application development
  • Regulator information request response development and support
  • Regulatory hearing support
  • Environmental and socio-economic assessments (ESA)
  • Environmental protection plans
  • Stakeholder engagement support including consultation and key messaging
  • Support of regulatory audits
  • Support of regulatory monitoring programs

Engineering and Execution Planning

  • Risk assessments
  • Review of historical records and drawings
  • Construction estimating
  • Contractor scope of work generation
  • Detailed engineering work packages (FEED, 30/60/90, IFC)
  • Engineering assessments – structural integrity, segmentation location, buoyancy control, cathodic protection, environmental permitting, master crossing list development, procedure development, execution plans, and drafting

Execution – Construction Management and Support

  • Field assessments including ground truthing, survey, environmental surveys and screening
  • Permit acquisition – environmental, crossing agreements, temporary work space
  • Data collection and processing – soil properties and soil testing, depth of cover, water table measurements, and watershed information
  • Records generation and retention
  • Inspection

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