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Reality capture technologies have become the standard for field measurement and digital twin workflows. Technicians can safely acquire dimensional data in areas that are unsafe, difficult to access, or where conventional field measurement is not possible or practical. Reality capture tools can collect immense amounts of data much more quickly than traditional methods. Creating a digital twin of a project site ensures that all data is collected the first time so as to eliminate the need for repeat site visits.
Eliminate the Unknowns and Mitigate Risk

Our Key Services Include:

  • Field data capture: 3D scanning, RPAS/UAV drones with LiDAR, Total Station, GPS
  • Local coordinate systems for project work
  • Problem solving usnig 3D models and point cloud data
  • Creation of 3D solid models
  • 3D modeling and design reviews
  • Underground mine scanning
  • As-built surveys
  • Volume and area calculations
  • Topographic and detail surveys
  • Fabrication and construction verification and inspection
  • Design and interference checking

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