Strong Sustainable Relationships

Collaborating with
Indigenous communities

Allnorth has partnered with and worked alongside Indigenous groups since the company’s inception. Our numerous Indigenous relationships are successful because they are built on a foundation of mutual respect, fairness and open communication. We are committed long term to developing benefits for the social and economic enhancement of Indigenous groups across Canada through employment opportunities, training and economic sharing. Working together and building Indigenous partnerships is an integral part of who Allnorth is as a company.

Part of a Growing Network

CCAB Membership

In joining the CCAB, Allnorth reaffirms its commitment to Indigenous participation and engagement in its projects, continuing to build a bridge between a growing diverse and prosperous Indigenous business community.

Qooluun-Allnorth LP

August 2014

Tahltan-Allnorth Consultants LP

April 2009

Acden-Allnorth LP

April 2009

HLC-Allnorth LP

October 2014

Whitecap-Allnorth Consulting Services LP

August 2015


April 2020


The map indicates the location and inception of Allnorth’s indigenous community relationships

Name, Year Established
Parties Involved, Traditional Territory

Qooluun-Allnorth LP, August 2014

Qooluun Ventures Inc. and Allnorth, Haisla First Nation


Tahltan-Allnorth Consultants LP, April 2009

Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC) and Allnorth, Tahltan Nation


Acden-Allnorth JV April 2009

Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Business Group, Acden and Allnorth, Athabasca Chipewyan Nation


HLC-Allnorth LP, October 2014

Heart Lake Construction LP and Allnorth, Heart Lake First Nation


Whitecap-Allnorth Consulting Services LP, August 2015

Whitecap Development Corporation and Allnorth Whitecap Dakota First Nation


O’Chiese, April 2020

O’Chiese Business & Investment Centre LP, O’Chiese First Nation


Nunacor, October 2013

Nunacor Development Corp., NunatuKavut Community Council


Working Together

Our Indigenous Relationships

Acden – Allnorth Joint Venture is a joint venture between Allnorth and Acden Environmental Ltd., the economic development corporation for the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation in Fort Chipewyan Alberta, near Fort McMurray. Acden Allnorth provides full spectrum engineering and field services to the oil sands industry within the greater Wood Buffalo Regional District in Alberta.

HLC – Allnorth LP is a limited partnership between the Heart Lake Construction LP and Allnorth for the provision of engineering and construction services to the oil and gas, forestry, mining, pulp and paper, chemical, and infrastructure sectors within the traditional territory of the Heart Lake First Nation.

Qooluun – Allnorth LP is a limited partnership between the Qooluun Ventures Inc. and Allnorth for the provision of engineering and construction services to the oil and gas, forestry, mining, pulp and paper, chemical, and infrastructure sectors within the traditional territory of the Haisla First Nation.

Tahltan – Allnorth Consultants Limited Partnership is a limited partnership between Allnorth and Tahltan Nation Development Corporation (TNDC), the business arm of the Tahltan Nation, located in Northwest BC. Through this partnership, we offer a wide range of engineering, design and field services to all potential and operating businesses within Tahltan Territory, supporting projects in resource exploration, mining, building construction, forestry, hydroelectric power, civil, infrastructure and public works. Our services include multidisciplinary engineering, surveying, construction management, exploration and geoscience, materials testing, permitting and compliance, environmental, forestry and mapping.

Whitecap – Allnorth Consulting Services LP is a limited partnership between Allnorth and Whitecap Development Corporation, the economic development corporation of Whitecap Dakota First Nation. Whitecap-Allnorth Consulting Services LP provides engineering and construction services to the mining, oil and gas, pulp and paper, chemical, and infrastructure sectors within the traditional territory of the Whitecap Dakota First Nation (which includes the whole of Saskatchewan).

Nunacor Development Corporation: Allnorth has a longstanding and successful strategic alliance with Nunacor Development Corporation, the business development arm of the NunatuKavut Community Council (NCC). The NCC is the representative governing body for approximately 6,000 Inuit of south and central Labrador.

O’Chiese:  Allnorth signed an agreement in 2020 with O’Chiese First Nation through its economic development arm O’Chiese Business & Investment Centre Limited Partnership. The agreement provides Engineering, Construction Services, Engineering/Procurement/Construction (EPC Delivery) and ancillary activities to the operators and projects on O’Chiese First Nation’s Traditional Territory within Central-West Alberta.

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