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Allnorth has extensive experience delivering construction administration and site supervision on Thin Membrane Surface (TMS) roads, grading and surfacing, capital improvement, and safety improvement projects, as well as urban construction work for the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure.

With a solid track record in the construction techniques and methodologies required for notching and widening operations to existing highway embankments, Allnorth is a trusted partner who understands typical challenges and risks associated with upgrading TMS roads.

Highway 42-05 Surfacing (shown above)

Allnorth completed construction administration for approximately 18 kilometres of this surfacing structure on Highway 42. The work included culvert replacements, surface mixing and compaction with lime, subbase, base and EPS asphalt concrete.

Highway 38-01 Surfacing (shown below)

Allnorth completed construction administration for a surfacing structure on Highway 38-01 which runs through the Town of Kelvington. The project spanned from the junction of Highway 49 to 23.26 kilometres north along Highway 38 and included upgrades to roadways within Greenwater Provincial Park.

On both projects, Allnorth was responsible for:

  • Negotiating supplemental agreements
  • Communicating with local municipalities,  landowners and utility owners
  • Applying for permits
  • Providing surveys and construction staking
  • Quality control management
  • Measuring and calculating pay quantities
  • Enforcing contract specifications

Our team also ran pre-construction meetings, provided weekly updates, monthly progress payments and forecasts, traffic management, safety reports and inspections and completed all post-construction activities.

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