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A Word on Real Property Reports

Real Property Reports (RPR) and Title Insurance are crucial aspects of property transactions. RPRs are legal documents that accurately outline property boundaries, visible improvements, and encumbrances. They provide valuable information for planning future additions or renovations. RPRs are relied upon by various parties, including purchasers, sellers, realtors, mortgage brokers, and municipalities, to ensure compliance, identify issues, protect against legal liabilities, and aid in planning and development. Understanding the significance of RPRs is essential for a seamless property transaction.


Real Property Reports vs. Title Insurance

Both Title Insurance and a Real Property Report can provide valuable piece of mind to a home owner. They should therefore be considered together and not as an alternative to one another. Here they are defined:

Real Property Report

A Real Property Report is a legal document outlining the location of significant visible improvements relative to the property boundaries as well as any registered encumbrances.

It provides the purchaser with accurate details of the boundaries and improvements and is valuable for planning future additions or renovations to the property prior to committing to the transaction.

Title Insurance

Title insurance provides financial compensation to the homeowner in the event of a defect affecting the title to the property.

It may protect the owner from some of the financial burden if it is determined that improvements on the property do not fall within the boundaries or are not compliant with zoning bylaws.

Real Property Report Benefits

During property transactions, lending institutions and municipalities often rely on Real Property Reports to ensure buildings and other improvements are within the boundaries of a subject property, do not encroach over easements on an owner’s property, and that encroachments do not exist from adjoining properties. 

To Property Purchasers
  • Identifies location of all improvements relative to the property boundary and shows the location of easements and right-of-ways
  • Identifies issues with property boundaries or encroachments
  • Ensures owners do not face legal issues related to boundary problems after purchasing a property
To Property Sellers
  • Provides protection from future legal liabilities relating to property boundaries and improvements
  • Helps identify potential issues prior to listing or sale of property
To Realtors
  • Provides visual representation of the property
  • Ensures compliance with the real estate listing/purchasing contract and reduces delays with completing property transactions
To Mortgage Brokers
  • Ensures compliance with municipal bylaws
  • Assists with problem resolution prior to registration of the mortgage
To Municipalities
  • Assists in determining compliance with bylaws and fire codes
  • Assists in the planning and development process

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