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Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (Canfor) engaged Allnorth to provide engineering services to complete engineering and design for the surge deck area stabilization (phase 2 of the Polar Yard Upgrade).  The goal of the project was to improve the ground at the surge deck area in order to increase efficiency and reduce maintenance on Canfor’s heavy equipment at Polar Mill. 

The surge deck area was envisioned to be sloped towards the infeed area and to a new drainage ditch that would connect to the proposed Texas gate on the north road. The scope of work included the access road between the recently completed infeed area and the surge deck area and was designed to tie-in to a recently completed area. 

Allnorth completed a site inspection and survey to support the design and worked with Canfor to determine the best option for the surge deck area.  Allnorth also completed the design of the Texas Gate as requested and was responsible for the procurement and development of the bid package to local contractors. Allnorth assessed each bid and recommended the best option for Canfor. 

Allnorth coordinated with KODE/LinkBuild to support construction management and quality control throughout the project to ensure the engineered drawings were constructed as proposed.

On-site concrete testing and survey services were also provided throughout construction management in order to ensure the engineered drawings were constructed as proposed.


  • Complete survey, engineering and design, and support engineering as required
  • Procurement, develop bid package and evaluate bids, and coordinate with winning contractor
  • Construction management and quality control
  • Material testing – completed lab testing services prior to project start date and completed on-site concrete testing


Bear Lake, BC

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