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The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) has been negotiating with Sk’atsin Resources to deliver the preliminary survey required for the Highway 1 project between Hoffman’s Bluff and Chase Creek Road, BC.  Allnorth has been requested to partner with Sk’atsin Resources to perform the survey work and deliver the information outlined in the MOTI Preliminary Survey Term of Reference document provided.

Generally, the boundary of the project includes approximately 5.9km of survey on Highway 1 between the east end of the recently constructed Hoffman’s Bluff twinning to 700m west of the Shuswap Chase Road. In addition, the survey included the service station and 250m of access road, Chief Neskonlith Drive, railway drainage structures, and driveways accessing Highway 1.


  • Topographic survey
  • Survey of located underground utilities
  • Survey of infrastructure in project area
  • Drafting of survey data to MOTI standards


Highway 1, between Hoffman’s Bluff and Chase Creek Road, BC

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