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    Key Services

    Unmatched Excellence

    Geospatial & Geographic Information Systems

    Allnorth offers comprehensive mapping and GIS services for a wide variety of clients in the municipal, transportation and resource sectors.

    Civil Engineering

    Allnorth offers civil engineering services with a focus on transportation infrastructure, municipal infrastructure and land development.

    Environmental Management & Monitoring

    Allnorth’s Environmental Services Group (ESG) comprises scientists, biologists, engineers, technicians, project and construction managers and business professionals.

    3D Scanning Services

    Allnorth provides 3D laser scanning services using Leica C10, Leica P20 and Reigl VZ1000 3D laser scanners.

    Ground Penetrating Radar

    Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be used to locate and map subsurface utilities, accurately inspect concrete structures and collect 3D data in those structures.

    Mechanical Engineering

    Allnorth provides comprehensive mechanical and piping engineering services to industrial projects.

    Process Engineering

    Allnorth has the experience to undertake projects in all areas of process engineering.

    Project & Construction Management

    At Allnorth, we believe that communication and teamwork, from start to finish, are key to the successful execution of any project.

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    With locations across Canada and in the US, Allnorth prides itself on being responsive to client needs and to providing leading-edge methodologies, technologies and protocols. Having a local presence helps us build strong relationships, and working cross functionally throughout the company helps us leverage the strengths of our entire team to deliver successful client solutions. Contact us today for more information as to how we can work together for you.

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