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Vitreo Minerals Ltd (Vitreo) was in the process of completing a mineral exploration program approximately 60 kilometres northeast of Prince George, BC. Vitreo was responsible for providing access to each drill site for their drill team and requested Allnorth’s support. Allnorth assisted with trail flagging, erosion and sediment control support, site plan surveys, bridge procurement, and construction monitoring for Vitreo’s Monkman Project.

During access development, Allnorth was responsible for flagging trail to Vitreo’s drill sites and providing recommendations to minimize erosion and sediment along the access trails. Allnorth also assessed streams along the access trails and based on the stream classification, recommended a culvert or bridge to cross the streams in support of Vitreo’s access operations.

Allnorth’s responsibilities included the procurement of the culverts and bridge, a site plan survey and drawing preparation which was completed prior to the installation. Allnorth also provided construction monitoring support for the 9.144 metre temporary bridge installation. 


  • Trail flagging
  • Sediment and erosion support
  • Site plan survey
  • Procurement for bridge installation
  • Construction support


Prince George, BC

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