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Allnorth is a leading provider in engineering and project management for pulp and paper and has been relied upon as a strategic advisor to many clients across North America for decades. Our skilled team of industry specialists, engineers, and designers  have hands-on experience in all aspects of industrial manufacturing, with a wealth of people with mill operations and maintenance experience. We manage all aspects of our client’s needs from concept development, strategic planning, design, project implementation, and commissioning. Through our extensive process and energy integration capability, we can identify opportunities to lower production costs and optimize energy usage and power production. Our experience with retrofit and remote projects has helped us become efficient at executing our work with a high level of quality that is also cost-effective. Download our whitepaper “Addressing Resource Consumption Inefficiencies in Pulp and Paper Production“.

Pulp & Paper

Continuous Asset Optimization

For decades, Allnorth has successfully executed process engineering projects that help our clients identify valuable opportunities within their current operations to improve their bottom line.

Our Continuous Asset Optimization process for existing pulp and paper operations is a proven approach that begins with plant process and simulation modelling, helping us to uncover opportunities for improved output and reduced costs. We develop economic evaluations of short-listed optimization opportunities and, through our in-depth scope development, comprehensive feasibility studies, and detailed capital cost estimates, we assist clients with strategic and financial decision-making processes.

Allnorth works seamlessly during the implementation phase on projects that receive a positive investment decision, by providing detailed engineering, construction, project management start-up, and commissioning services. Plant process and simulation modelling is continuously updated to reflect the current operational environment, while the asset optimization process continues.

Strategic Planning

Allnorth can assist pulp and paper producers by identifying areas to reduce waste, water and energy consumption, and opportunities to increase yield and energy generation. By developing a process simulation model of the mill, we can define optimization opportunities with the greatest rate of return.

Our process engineering team has completed many process integration and energy simulation de-bottleneck studies and understands how to improve overall efficiency and product quality in any operation.

Key Services
  • Energy studies
  • Process modelling
  • Opportunity identification
  • Conceptual studies
  • Capital planning
  • Secure permits and regulatory approvals
  • Regulatory permitting
  • Environmental impact studies

Capital Cost Estimating

Whether to shortlist or obtain funding approval for a project, Allnorth can help translate the project’s economic evaluations into capital cost estimates of pre-feasibility, feasibility, and appropriation levels. We employ different approaches for each estimate stage, consistent with industry and client standards, allowing your projects to flow into the construction and permitting phases while balancing a controlled budget.

We collaborate with our clients in project justification development, ensuring standards are aligned with expectations. Through a dynamic process of simulation and integration, we develop cost estimates at the conclusion of various project phases. The project’s cost estimate accuracy is refined as the project progresses, moving from early concept estimates to project authorization estimates.

Key Services
  • Project scope development
  • Dynamic process simulation
  • Process integration
  • Project economic evaluation
  • Capital cost estimates
    • Pre-feasibility level (+/- 40%)
    • Feasibility level (+/- 20%)
    • Appropriation level (+/- 10%)
    • Construction cost control budgeting
    • Permitting

Detailed Design Engineering



Our multi-disciplinary team of internationally recognized pulp and paper engineers, designers, and specialists have the skills and experience to execute any sized project from brownfield retro-fits to greenfield installations. We recognize that downtime is expensive for our clients, so our teams specialize in retrofitting new systems into existing operations to minimize delays in production. We understand what it takes to keep a mill operating safely, efficiently, and reliably while maximizing new capital investments.

We will listen to your needs, understand your pain points, and help achieve your goals. The result will be a design that provides reduced risk to the safety of your team while meeting both your long-term operating and maintenance objectives.

Our scalable project management approach and flat organization structure will reduce bureaucracy, and streamline the delivery of engineering. Our regional model of distributed design centres allows us to draw on local knowledge and specialized skills typical to a particular location due to geographical, climate, or local industry knowledge.

We have served as our client’s overall project manager and construction manager on many large industrial projects and, as a result, our designs are focused on construction, operability, maintainability, and cost-effectiveness. While engineering integrity is a given, our ongoing constructability checks will reduce the overall cost risk on the project. Our focus on constructability and our collaboration with the project team will ensure an efficient “fit for purpose” design.

Key Services
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering
  • Project management
  • Construction management
  • Owner’s engineering services
  • Procurement
  • Contract tendering and management
  • Cost control
  • Project risk control
  • Surveying
  • Materials testing
  • 3D laser scanning
  • 3D design/modelling

Start-up & Commissioning

Allnorth provides full start-up and commissioning services for new installations, retrofits, and commissioning after planned or emergency shutdowns. Our group of professionals has worked on hundreds of commissioning and start-up efforts, from short-term, high-risk shutdowns for emergency repairs, to full commissioning of large processing facilities. Our expert field service technicians can test, startup, and commission your initiative and verify each system has been installed and functions as specified while confirming that the appropriate operations and maintenance documentation has been turned over to the owner.

Planning is always key, and our group does all that, and more.

We Facilitate
  • Turnover packages
  • Technical assistance
  • Commissioning plans
  • Training plans
  • Operating and Maintenance (O&M) manuals

Troubleshooting, Optimization & Maintenance

As your trusted advisor, Allnorth works with you to solve operational challenges and continuously optimizes your mill to achieve your long-term operating and maintenance objectives.

Key Services
  • Process debottlenecking
  • Focused problem-solving
  • Process/control optimization
  • Maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Reliability engineering
  • Energy management
  • Shutdown planning
  • Chip pile scanning – 3D scanning
Waste Reduction and Sustainability

Alternative Fiber

Allnorth is an active participant in the sustainable circular economy. For the past decade, we have been working to bring about a revolution in pulping opportunities to our clients worldwide, by using an environmentally-conscious pulping method that turns agricultural residue with no previous end-use into high-quality, compostable cellulose pulp.


  • Alternative fiber such as wheat straw pulp has physical characteristics that are comparable to hardwood and superior to recycled fibre.

  • Production costs are lower than for wood-based pulp.

  • A new facility costs less to build than a similar-sized conventional pulp mill.

  • There is significantly more agricultural biomass available than wood biomass.

  • Wheat straw can be utilized rather than burned in the field, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • The environmentally-friendly process requires less water and energy inputs.

  • Consumers are increasingly demanding products made from alternative fiber.

Pulp & Paper


Converting Alternative Fiber into Pulp to Create Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious Consumer Products


Our Capabilities

We are the world’s leading engineering partner for alternative fiber projects.  Allnorth has delivered the newest and most advanced wheat straw and bagasse pulping facilities in the world to clients such as Essity, Columbia Pulp, and others who remain confidential. 

In addition, Allnorth has common ownership with Red Leaf Pulp and will provide all engineering, permitting, mill operations and maintenance services for the Red Leaf Pulp facility. 

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Strategic Planning And Project Justification

Allnorth can help potential producers raise capital or secure internal resources by producing conceptual studies outlying a project’s economic viability.

Our process simulation models of an entire mill allows our clients to understand where and how they can identify the greatest opportunity and rate of return, based on dynamic changes to designs and requirement definitions.

Capital Cost Estimating

We can assist with:

  • Project scope development
  • Capital cost estimates
    • Pre-feasibility grade (+/- 40%)
    • Feasibility grade (+/- 20%)
    • Appropriation grade (+/- 10%)
  • Construction cost control budgeting
  • Permitting
Detailed Design Engineering, Construction And Project Management
  • Site suitability
  • Process and equipment design
  • Equipment specification
  • 3D & GPR scanning
  • Complete process, civil, structural, mechanical, piping, electrical, instrumentation and control design
  • Commissioning, startup and construction management

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