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Allnorth was engaged by the Gander International Airport Authority (GIAA) to assist with the rehabilitation of Apron 1 at the Gander International Airport. The airport’s apron is the area of an airport where aircraft are parked, unloaded or loaded, refueled, boarded, or maintained.

The apron consists of large 12-inch-thick concrete pads, surrounded 2 inches of surface asphalt on top of 10 inches of concrete base. The surface concrete had deteriorated and cracked in spots and the asphalt had many areas of alligator cracks. Investigations determined that the concrete base below the alligator cracks had deteriorated as well. The rehabilitation involved selective repairs to the surface concrete, the concrete below the asphalt and replacement of the asphalt. The project involved two contracts for the surface concrete and asphalt/base concrete separately.

Allnorth’s responsibilities during the project were: site assessments, surveys and investigations, design and production of contract documents, project management, contract administration to GIAA, full-time resident administration and inspection, materials testing during construction (concrete and asphalt.) and quantity control and contract claim certificate approval.

Challenges faced during the project were determining the extent of repairs required to concrete below the asphalt. Allnorth’s on-site inspector was required to confirm that the deteriorated concrete had been removed. Debris control on an active airfield surface is critical, specific sections were added to the specifications to advise potential contractors of this concern, and Allnorth’s inspector was required to monitor debris control at all times. Working near active aircraft poses unique safety risks, specific measures such as security escorts, designated areas of work, and special safety procedures were coordinated in close consultation with the Airport Authority and the contractor.


  • Site assessments
  • Survey and investigations
  • Contract documents
  • Project management
  • Contract administration to GIAA
  • Full-time resident administration and inspection
  • Materials testing during construction
  • Quality control
  • Contract claim certificate approval


Gander, NL

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