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With a rich history spanning decades, Allnorth has been a trusted partner in the energy and renewables sector, delivering industry-leading geomatics engineering and materials testing services, from the earliest stages of project planning to construction.

Allnorth has been fortunate to provide these services in support of upgrades to various compressor stations for a major natural gas transmission system at facilities throughout BC. The scope of the project involves installing new, or replacing and decommissioning old compressor station units with more reliable and efficient units, as well as undertaking smaller upgrades and operational maintenance at various facilities along the system.

Demolition Survey, Tyrod Industries Ltd. (2020-2022)

Allnorth supported a program which involved the addition of compression facilities and reliability improvement projects at a facility located in Hixon, BC.

This phase of the program included the removal of redundant and obsolete equipment packages such as ancillary packages, compressor buildings, associated piping, and electrical upgrades. Supporting Tyrod Industries, Allnorth was specifically responsible for providing survey services including surveying piles and pile caps, and mapping survey data digitally with GPS coordinates.


3D Scanning Various Locations, BC (2021)

To assist with future engineering deliverables, Allnorth completed 3D scanning at various compressor stations.

As part of the scope, Allnorth scanned various buildings and rooms to create 3D models in RCP or RCS (unified point cloud) format. Areas scanned included electrical rooms, generator rooms, air compressor rooms, equipment control rooms, and more.

Allnorth processed all data collected in the field and delivered complete 3D models to the client. Allnorth also completed relevant site indoctrinations for each site and registered scanned data as required.


As and When Survey and Materials Testing, Ogilvie Mountain Holdings (2021-22)

Allnorth supported Ogilvie Mountain Holdings with the installation of a new compressor unit, horsepower enhancement to the compressor and gas turbine, and the addition of a new gas cooler located at a facility near 150 Mile House, BC.

Allnorth provided materials testing and survey services on an As and When basis to assist with the implementation of these improvements.


As and When Survey and Materials Testing, Macro Industries (2019-2020)

Allnorth provided survey and materials testing services on an As and When basis to Macro Industries Inc. (Macro) for a project located in McLeod Lake, BC. 

For the duration of the project, materials testing included soil testing, concrete testing and grout testing.


As and When Survey and Materials Testing, Ledcor Industries (2019-2020)

Allnorth was responsible for survey and materials testing services throughout construction as requested by Ledcor Industrial Projects Ltd. for a compressor station construction project located in Summit Lake, BC.

The survey scope included survey of earthworks, piling, foundation and structural components, piping, electrical and underground utilities. The materials testing scope included grout testing, pile inspections, lab testing, concrete testing, compaction testing and more.


Ground Survey and RPAS Survey Services, Various Locations, BC (2019-2021)

Allnorth completed both ground survey and UAV/RPAS survey in order to meet project needs and assist in determination of project progress at various facilities located throughout BC.

Ground survey services included surveying and staking clearing boundaries and pile locations.

Utilizing UAV/RPAS survey technology, Allnorth successfully verified soil quantities of materials excavated by the site General Contractor. Allnorth also compiled aerial construction progress photos to track project progress on a monthly basis.


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