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Allnorth Saskatoon Participates in Canstruction

Allnorth Saskatoon Participates in Canstruction

Posted on 25.09.2013

Allnorth Saskatoon participated in the first annual Canstruction. The Canstruction team consisted of Matt Reilkoff, Ryan Wolfe, Colleen Glover and Carla Leask. This year, the theme was “Saskatchewan”; the Saskatoon office voted that a grain elevator best represented this theme. The elevator was made up of soup cans, tuna, peanut butter and jelly. And like a true elevator, one level was packed with “wheat” products. Resembling most elevators found today, the side building has a slight lean. In the end, the elevator consisted of 2400 cans. The structure was built on 22 September and was taken down on 01 October.

All the food that was used in the construction was donated to benefit the Saskatoon Food Bank. For more information about Canstruction, click here.

Pictured here from left to right are: Carla Leask, Ryan Wolfe, Colleen Gover and Matt Reilkoff

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