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Allnorth reaches 40 years of planning, designing and constructing bridges

Allnorth reaches 40 years of planning, designing and constructing bridges

Posted on 30.04.2018

Allnorth has entered its fourth decade of providing bridge planning, design, erection engineering, project management and construction services to public and private clients in Canada and around the world.

Designing and engineering bridges in the Canadian far north is how Allnorth got started back in 1978. With a forty-year history and completing several hundred bridge projects, Allnorth is known in the industry for its ability to provide innovative designs for road, rail, pedestrian and utility bridges in both urban and remote locations.

Allnorth has built a world-class team with experience in all types of bridge and structural projects. They have been relied on as a strategic advisor to many clients across North America.

To view its range of services, team members and some of their highlighted projects, Allnorth has launched a new and informative resource at

If you are interested in having Allnorth help you with your next project or if you have any questions, please contact:

Bryan MacFadden

Senior Director of Infrastructure



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With locations across Canada and into the US and Mexico, Allnorth prides itself on being responsive to client needs and to providing leading-edge methodologies, technologies and protocols. Having a local presence helps us build strong relationships, and working cross functionally throughout the company helps us leverage the strengths of our entire team to deliver successful client solutions. Contact us today for more information as to how we can work together for you.

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