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Allnorth Provides EPCM Support to K+S Potash Canada to Help Ship Potash Internationally

Allnorth Provides EPCM Support to K+S Potash Canada to Help Ship Potash Internationally

Posted on 10.05.2019

Allnorth has been providing EPCM (Engineering, Procurement and Contract Management) services to K+S Potash Canada, at their Pacific Coast Terminals’ (PCT) facility in Port Moody, BC, since September 2018. This facility handles potash mined from the new K+S Bethune mine site in southern Saskatchewan, which is brought to the PCT Port by rail, unloaded and reloaded, before being shipped to international customers across the world.

Allnorth’s structural, electrical and mechanical engineering scope of work included providing new permanent maintenance platforms, to seal existing buildings, and extend and improve the rail unloading building at the PCT Port Moody facility.

The engineering across the majority of scopes is now complete, along with around 50% of the permitting. Over the next few months initial construction will focus on improving the noise insulation of the rail unloading building, where the potash is unloaded from the railcars. It will also include weather proofing and sealing up where the conveyor galleries meet the transfer towers, to improve product quality and prolong the life of the structure. While Allnorth has been managing each scopes’ technical challenges, we are also working on an operating facility, of which the primary function is to ship potash internationally.

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