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Allnorth Participates in Canstruction Vancouver 2015

Allnorth Participates in Canstruction Vancouver 2015

Posted on 28.04.2015

This past Saturday a team of our employees took part in the build of Allnorth’s Northern White Rhino for Canstruction Vancouver 2015.

2,300 cans were used in the model, and an additional $550 cash was raised. All of this goes to our local food bank!

The Allnorth/Maple Leaf Foods team chose the Northern White Rhino to fit the theme of “fact or fiction” because sadly, this interesting and unique animal will seem like a fictitious dinosaur to future generations. Since 2008 this type of rhino has been extinct in the wild, with only a few left in captivity. Sadly, today there is only one male Northern White Rhino left in the world, and a handful of females.

The sculptures will be on display at the Pendulum Gallery, The Pacific Center Rotunda, and the Four Seasons Hotel until May 8th. You can vote for your favorite sculpture HERE.

A big thank you to all who took part.

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