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Allnorth Employees Hit The Streets in Vancouver’s 2012 Sun Run

Allnorth Employees Hit The Streets in Vancouver’s 2012 Sun Run

Posted on 25.09.2013

On April 15, 2012 Allnorth had 23 members of our team participate in the annual Vancouver Sun Run.

With participants from several of our offices across British Columbia, including Surrey, Nanaimo, Prince George, and Vancouver, Allnorth competed in the “Engineering Corporate Division”.

Max Roberts (39:36) and Paul Carter (39:38) had outstanding finishes, coming in 342 and 344 out of 38,949 participants! A superb finish and well done to those who took part this year.

Top Row: Gord Cross, Amy Heigl Bottom Row: Prachi Kamble, Sara Cooper

Left to Right: Jag Sidhu, Koushan Sadeghi, Richard Melan

Left to Right: Paul Carter, Max Roberts

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