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With a population over 35,000, the City of Prince Albert needed to update its Transportation Master Plan to accommodate future growth for up to 50,000 residents. To address current demands for development, the Transportation Master Plan had to reconcile the existing roadway network, traffic counts and movements, pedestrian movements, plus transit and river crossings. The project required the development of a travel demand transportation model.

Allnorth’s team successfully overcame challenges which included:

  • Reconciliation of roadway classifications and access management for each major corridor.
  • Determining right-of-way requirements and developing right-of-way protection plans using Complete Streets principles.
  • Only a single bridge crossing that carries local as well as regional traffic.
  • Reviewing traffic signal operations to accommodate development demands.
  • A requirement to develop plans for growth for the next 10 and 20 years to accommodate growth to the 50,000 population horizon.

Allnorth provided the following engineering services:

  • Data collection: traffic projections, road capacity assessments.
  • Synchro analysis and Levels of Service (LOS) for intersection and segments.
  • Review of the need for a second bridge.
  • Review of existing traffic operations.
  • Traffic forecasts for 5, 10 and 20 year horizons.


  • Transportation planning
  • Synchro analysis
  • Traffic signal warrants
  • Functional planning
  • Capital projects prioritization


Prince Albert, SK


The Director of Public Works for the City of Prince Albert issued a Letter of Commendation upon project completion with the following statement:

The City of Prince Albert was very satisfied with the final product which was on budget and on time.”


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