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Allnorth was engaged by Michels Canada (Michels) to provide survey and bridge engineering services throughout the pipeline installation for Spread 6 of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project (TMEP). 

Allnorth’s key responsibilities included conducting pre-and post-condition road surveys. These surveys helped assess the existing conditions of the roads in the project area before and after the pipeline installation. Allnorth also developed steep slope management plans to address the challenges posed by the complex terrain. These plans ensured the safe and efficient management of steep slopes during the construction process. Additionally, Allnorth prepared equipment steep slope winching drawings, which provided guidelines for winching operations on steep slopes to ensure stability and prevent accidents.

In order to facilitate the lifting operations required for the pipeline installation, Allnorth created lift plans. These plans outlined the procedures, equipment, and safety measures for lifting heavy components during the construction process.

Temporary bridge designs were another important aspect of Allnorth’s responsibilities. The structural engineering team designed temporary bridges to facilitate access and were crucial for maintaining uninterrupted construction activities. In addition, Allnorth provided support in horizontal drilling and boring operations. The team prepared drawings and plans that guided the drilling process, ensuring accurate and efficient installation of the pipeline.

Due to the challenging terrain, Michels had to make frequent changes to their plans throughout the project. In such situations, Allnorth remained available to provide continuous support.

Timeliness was crucial for Michel to maintain on-site production. Allnorth understood this requirement and ensured that all deliverables, including surveys, plans, and drawings, were provided in a timely fashion. By meeting these deadlines, Allnorth contributed to the smooth progress of the pipeline installation and helped Michels maintain their construction schedule.


  • Surveying
  • Steep Slope Engineering
  • Bridge Design


Abbotsford, BC

Overall, Allnorth’s comprehensive range of services and our commitment to delivering high-quality and timely deliverables played a vital role in supporting Michels throughout Spread 6 of the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project.

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