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The Teck Smelter in Trail, BC required a new building to house materials from their process and items to be introduced into the smelter.

The objective of the project was to reduce airborne particles from open piles, and required a building complete with lock block bunkers, lighting, wheel wash and a dust collection system to keep the building under negative pressure. Allnorth worked with Clark Builders to provide engineering for: 

  • Foundation design, including review and integration of pre-cast foundation elements into the structure.
  • Building slab on grade for heavy equipment traffic.
  • Building layout including traffic patterns and bunker design.
  • All civil site grading and water management.
  • HVAC, dust collection and filtration systems.
  • Electrical, instrumentation and controls, including safety interlocks for doors, fans and dust collection.

The new building is approximately 195 metres long by 58 metres wide with a height at the eaves of 15 metres. It has been in operation since July 2016 and has significantly reduced dust in the vicinity of the smelter.


  • Project management
  • Civil engineering
  • Structural engineering
  • Electrical, instrumentation and controls engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • HVAC and dust collection


Trail, BC

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