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In November 2021, large rainfall events known as atmospheric rivers caused flooding in the Sumas Prairie to Hope, Merritt and Princeton areas. The floods severely impacted residents, including the Shackan Indian Band, one of five Indigenous communities located along Highway 8 between Merritt and Spences Bridge.

The infrastructure along Highway 8 suffered catastrophic damage, including the Chief Anthony Joe Bridge, located approximately 40km northwest of Merritt. Overcoming challenges with precision and expertise, Cutting Edge Consulting (CEC), Allnorth, and Rock Solid Industries Inc. joined forces to rebuild Chief Anthony Joe Bridge, as part of the efforts to reconnect the people and communities along the highway.

Allnorth was responsible for the structural engineering design of the procedure to successfully launch this 55m clear-span triple/single Acrow bridge over the Nicola River.

Overall, Allnorth’s structural design team played a crucial role in the meticulous planning of the bridge launch, ensuring that the existing abutments were suitable, designing rollers and rigging equipment, establishing lifting criteria for the crane, and developing a detailed launching sequence. Their expertise and attention to detail helped facilitate the successful execution of the bridge launch in a remote area with no cell coverage.


  • Structural Engineering and Design
  • Launching Sequence
  • Project Management


Merritt, BC

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