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Allnorth was retained by the Department of Transportation and Works to complete quality control and materials testing on the road upgrade project.

Road upgrades took place on the Bay d’Espoir Highway (Route 360) from station 45.2 km to 49.5 km at Miguel’s Brook, and station 51.9 km to 59.5 km at Northwest Gander River. The work specifications included replacement of subgrade, subbase, asphalt, and culverts.

Allnorth was required by the Department of Transportation and Works (as per the contract specifications) to conduct quality control. Responsibilities included: roadway assessment for design (geotechnical, visual, etc), materials testing and analysis during construction (subgrade, subbase, asphalt) and asphalt mix design.

Some challenges Allnorth faced were inadequate material in many areas of the roadway due to poor drainage. Materials had to be identified and tested to determine areas that needed to be dug out prior to asphalt placement.


  • Quality control
  • Roadway assessment for design
  • Materials testing
  • Asphalt mix design


Route 360 – Bay d’Espoir Highway

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