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Allnorth was commissioned by Hunt’s Concert to complete a structural assessment of a retaining wall at the Grand Falls-Windsor concrete facility and to complete a report with recommendations and a proposed design for upgrades. The work was completed based on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) site visit.

Allnorth’s lead project engineer roles and responsibilities included evaluation of the retaining wall and a condition assessment of concrete and rebar. Monitoring of the wall over a two-month period was critical in the creation of the condition assessment and a report detailing conditions of the wall and recommendations of repairs.   Following acceptance of the report, Allnorth prepared structural design documents to reinforce the retaining wall and conducted contract administration/inspection during the upgrades.

The assessment and monitoring of the wall were conducted during the cold weather months, exposing the team to cold weather conditions, which made it difficult to anticipate wall deflections during warmer weather conditions.  The team completed the assessment and design of upgrades in a timely manner, prior to the 2015 construction season.


  • Retaining wall structural inspection / assessment
  • Retaining wall design
  • Contract administration
  • Site inspection


Hunt’s Concrete Facility Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

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