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ERCO Worldwide (ERCO) retained Allnorth engineering services to provide a detailed design of a rail loadout platform at the ERCO Saskatoon plant. This platform was an addition to the existing rail loadout platform, which provided ERCO with more access to its equipment and piping.  

The detailed design consisted of a site visit of the existing platforms, 3D scan of the area for field measurements, preliminary design and drawings of the proposed platform, preliminary design review meeting with ERCO, detailed design of the selected platform addition, and construction drawings for the rail loadout platform addition. The 3D scan provided information on existing member sizes and potential interference in the rail loadout building, which was necessary to complete the design of the platform.  

During the detailed design portion of the project ERCO retained Allnorth to complete construction inspections during the installation of the rail loadout platform. The construction inspections Allnorth completed ensured the construction of the rail loadout platform was installed according to the design and was done using quality construction practices.

A challenge the team faced during this project was tying the platform into the existing platform while avoiding piping/equipment, in order to mitigate this, the team made a 3D model of the area to check interference and tie-in points between the new and existing platform.


  • Structural engineering
  • 3D scanning
  • Project management
  • Construction inspection


Saskatoon, SK

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