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Mountain View County was planning to replace two bridges which cross Big Prairie Creek.  The bridges were located on Range Road 54 at NW-09-30-05 W5M and on Township Road 301A at SW-10-30-05 W5M. The bridges are approximately 12km west of Cremona.

To facilitate construction, Allnorth was engaged for the provision of permitting tasks: regulatory approval under the federal Fisheries Act as well as the Alberta Water Act code of Practice. Information on fisheries resources associated with project undertakings are required to evaluate known and potential effects to aquatic habitat that may be caused by construction activities as well as to scope mitigation, reclamation, and compensation measures. This information was used to prepare permit applications with provincial and federal regulators (e.g. AEP and DFO) for the proposed undertakings.

Two reports, one for each bridge, which included information for the undertakings at each of the crossings was prepared. The reports included written specifications for the construction inside and outside of the fisheries Restricted Activity Period (RAP).  Written specifications by a Qualified Aquatic Environmental Specialist (QAES) is required for instream work under the Alberta Water Act and these materials were used for the federal Fisheries Act permitting.


Regulatory permitting


Village of Cremona, AB


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