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The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure invested nearly $1 billion to build, pave, and maintain the Trans-Labrador Highway.

Allnorth was engaged to complete quality assurance testing for three sections of the highway widening projects along the Trans-Labrador Highway (1.85-19; 2.111-18; and 3.86-19).

The widening projects involved the placement of class ‘B’ and ‘A’ subgrade materials, and 50mm compacted asphalt pavement.

Allnorth’s was responsible for quality assurance testing for the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (formerly Transportation and Works). Testing included gradation of granulars, compaction testing, and asphalt sampling, including cores.

The size and scale of the projects, running at the same time, spread over hundreds of kilometers of road needed smart, on-site problem solving. Allnorth ensured diligent communication and coordination were maintained throughout.  This frequent and detailed communication aided Allnorth’s materials testing team members as the contractor’s schedule was subject to frequent, on-site changes.

As the team was working in several remote areas, often without cell phone coverage, in-person communication by supervisors was necessary.


  • Quality assurance testing


Route 510 – Cartwright Junction to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

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