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Allnorth was engaged by FortisBC as Owner’s Representative for its 2015 Mt. Hayes liquefied natural gas (LNG) Plant Turnaround (Shutdown) project. The 20-hectare Mt. Hayes facility is located approximately 6 km northwest of Ladysmith, BC.

Since the startup of the Mt. Hayes facility in March of 2011, operations and maintenance has completed routine maintenance, inspections and a few plant upgrades. In 2014, FortisBC identified the need to develop a corrosion program for the plant on-stream and off-stream pressure vessel equipment to determine equipment conditions and establish corrosion rates.

In order to complete the inspection of 31 pressure vessels, the plant had to be taken offline which provided an opportunity to complete work that could not be carried out while the plant was operational. This included completing maintenance work as well capital projects.

Maintenance work comprised of the installation of the JT valve isolation valves and the recalibration of the 10” ultrasonic flow meter device on the send out pipeline. The capital projects included the modification of the fuel gas and process gas systems.

Allnorth was responsible for developing the overall budget, issuing requests for proposals to the various contractors, developing and managing the overall shutdown schedule, managing resources, developing operational procedures, selecting contractors, and providing engineering and inspection assistance.


  • Owner’s Representative
  • Turnaround Coordinator
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Resource Management
  • Contractor Evaluation
  • Engineering and Inspection assistance


6 km northwest of Ladysmith, BC

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