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Allnorth was engaged by Hudson Bay Railway (HBR) to provide bridge engineering services for a total of 68 railway bridge structures and two overhead traffic bridges on the Hudson Bay Railway. 

HBR required railway bridge inspections, condition assessment reports, 3D point cloud data, bridge repair recommendations and review of the Bridge Safety Management Plan (BSMP) for all the HBR subdivisions. Allnorth utilized a snooper truck to access difficult areas of the structures and a survey boat to complete the timber pile testing. The scope of work involved underwater inspection recommendations, detail repair designs and maintenance recommendations based on the priority condition ratings in the inspection reports.

Allnorth was able to complete the 70 bridge inspections as per the field schedule in 19 days. Train interruptions, truck issues and weather delays were challenging to maintain the proposed schedule, but Allnorth created efficiencies and put in extra effort to successfully execute the plan. The height of the 500ft-1,000ft long bridge also posed a safety hazard that required fall protection to access the deck, piers, and girder structures. The work was completed in July 2021.


  • Project management
  • Detailed bridge inspections
  • 3D scanning
  • UAV photography
  • Timber pile testing
  • Bridge Safety Management Plan review
  • Underwater inspection review
  • Repair recommendations & reporting


The Pas to Churchill, MB

Project highlights captured on video courtesy of Keaton Sinclair

The team: Nathan Gullacher, Keaton Sinclair, Matt Smith, Dylan Gallinger, and Danny Hrabowich.

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