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Ledcor CMI Ltd. (Ledcor), engaged Allnorth for the design and construction of a heavy haul bridge and underpass to support a corridor crossing a river serving to deliver ore to a processing plant, thereby shortening the haul distance. The scope also includes the removal of an existing 150 tonne bridge in order to build the heavy haul bridge. The planned corridor will support 2-way 625 tonne heavy haul truck traffic, a 20 metre tailings corridor and 2-lane light vehicle traffic. The bridge structure will support all three corridors and carry the various loading demands. The bridge will be a clear-span structure, with a wildlife corridor along the north abutment to support wildlife passage. The 90-metre-long underpass (tunnel) located north of the bridge was required to maintain future light vehicle access. The underpass will support the heavy haul, light vehicle roads and tailings corridor above it.


Considering the magnitude of this project, the design prepared by the Allnorth team had to accommodate the significant weight of the haul road trucks and massive dead loads, the superstructures which were designed with slope, skew and super elevation, a wildlife corridor between the river and the bridge, and the design of the tunnel foundations adjacent to the toe of the existing tailings dyke. Allnorth assigned an experienced and knowledgeable team of experts to effectively address the design challenges presented by the site conditions and design criteria. These challenges included an existing tailings dyke, existing utilities on both sides and within the project area, drainage considerations, right-of-way and existing access road and bridge. In addition, the Allnorth team was able to meet an accelerated design delivery schedule by utilizing our internal project management best practices and coordinating multiple resources working together in various divisions across the country.

At 73.08 metres, it’s one of the widest bridges in the world.


  • Water Management and Erosion & Sediment Control Plan
  • Demolition Plan
  • Piling Design
  • Heavy Haul Bridge Design
  • Light Vehicle Bridge Design
  • Underpass (Tunnel) Design
  • Electrical and Lighting Design
  • Construction Support


Fort McMurray, AB

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