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Mosaic Potash Colonsay ULC have four 500-ton dispatch bins which have been in service since the mid 1960s. Two of the four bins were replaced early in the 2010’s. In 2015 Allnorth was contracted to design replacement bins for the two remaining original bins and to develop demolition and installation plans.

The original bins were tightly surrounded by chutework, structural steel, and equipment which could not be moved. Using 3D scanning, a model was created of the surroundings of the existing bins, including chutework and structure. To make certain installation could be completed during the shutdown, the 31 major pieces of the bin were designed for full-strength bolted fit-up, ensuring operation could start in the event that the seams could not be welded in time.

The overall installation went smoothly. The client reported that the installation costs were twenty percent less than the earlier project for the replacement of two of the dispatch bins.


  • 3D scanning
  • Design
  • Check supporting structure
  • Develop demolition and installation plan
  • Hoisting consulting
  • Installation support


Colonsay, SK

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