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Glenrosa Road is major connector to Highway 97 in West Kelowna, BC. The City of West Kelowna engaged Allnorth to provide design and construction management services for the Glenrosa Road Improvement Project, which involved three projects, designed, tendered, and constructed as a single project; with costs and budgeting separated, and finally constructed as individual projects. These three projects included road widening, intersection improvements, plus pedestrian and vehicular safety upgrades to Glenrosa Road, sidewalks and retaining walls along McIver Road, and drainage improvements to McTaggart Road.

As the lead engineering consultant for this project, Allnorth had to consider all general aspects of a road design including vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist movements as well as the drainage system. Standard items for consideration included, but were not limited to, road and intersection alignments, cross-sections, turning lane alignments, sidewalk configuration, street lighting, existing tie-ins, retaining wall requirements, existing bedrock, groundwater levels, and environmental impacts. Overall, Allnorth was responsible for preliminary design, detailed design, public engagement, tender preparation and construction services with details per project as follows:

  • Glenrosa Road was a two-lane rural cross-section with minimal shoulders and no defined pedestrian or cycling facilities along Glenrosa Road between Glen Abbey Place and McGinnis Road. The rural standard roadway was upgraded to an urban arterial standard. Road design elements including driving lanes, intersection improvements, curb & gutter with drainage system, multi-use path/sidewalk, bike lanes, decorative street lighting, retaining walls, underground utilities, landscape and streetscape upgrades were included in Allnorth’s designs. As part of this project, two meetings with Council at the preliminary and detailed design stages were required, plus one presentation for public input.
  • McIver Road did not have any defined pedestrian or cycling facilities. Pedestrian infrastructure improvements along McIver Road near Glenrosa Middle School included sidewalks, curb & gutter, retaining walls, street lighting and underground drainage. The existing AC watermain along these sections were also replaced.
  • McTaggart Road involved drainage improvements at the intersection of McTaggart Road and McIver Road, a high priority for the City, plus improvements to the downstream conveyance and outlet system. Storm system improvements at the intersection of McTaggart Road and McIver Road that had to be considered as part of the overall design included ditching, catch basins and underground piping as well as improvements to the existing culverts downstream along McTaggart Road.

In addition, Allnorth obtained all necessary approvals in advance of the construction schedule. These approvals involved the MOTI, a key stakeholder and overall approving authority for roadways within West Kelowna. The City of West Kelowna provided utility approval for the installation of drainage improvements. The Interior Health Authority provided approval for a new looped watermain along McIver and Glenrosa roads, and finally, a Section 11 approval was provided for drainage discharge into McDougal Creek.


  • Preliminary design
  • Detailed design
  • Public engagement
  • Tender preparation
  • Construction services


West Kelowna, BC


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