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Nutrien Lanigan retained Allnorth to provide scanning, modeling, and engineering services for an elevator in the Phase 1 compaction area of the mill. The elevator is now between two buildings and the doors open on both sides, however, the number of floors and elevations between the two sides of the elevator differ. TSASK regulations state that there is a minimum distance between the elevator car and the wall of the shaft to prevent falls in case of the door opening on a side with no floor.

Allnorth scanned the shaft steel at elevations where the elevator does not have a floor on both sides. Allnorth then produced a design to meet TSASK regulations at each elevation where a guard was required. One design included a lightweight removable guard to access a door at a different elevation where the floors do not line up. Allnorth also provided construction support to the contractor on this project.


  • 3D scanning of the elevator
  • Engineering and design of the guard
  • Construction support


Lanigan, SK

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