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The Kilmarnock Clean Water Diversion Project is located in the East Kootenay region of southern BC, approximately 31 kilometres north-northeast from Elkford.

The project was proposed by Teck Coal Limited to aid in keeping 86,000 m3/day of clean water from upper Kilmarnock Creek past spoils to lower Kilmarnock Creek. The project included the creation of a new 4.7 kilometre channel composed of a 4 kilometer length of HDPE pipe to carry an artificial pond to collect clean water.

Prairie North Construction Ltd. (Prairie North) was awarded the work and contracted Allnorth to provide construction materials testing services.

Allnorth’s scope of work included:

  • Quality control including testing of fill materials, compaction density, and data logging;
  • Density and compaction testing via nuclear method;
  • Pile monitoring and laboratory soils testing as required (sieves and proctors, etc.).

Allnorth was requested to provide additional services and was responsible for on-site concrete testing and sample collection for compression testing in an off-site lab.

Allnorth successfully managed all deliverables ensuring prompt delivery to Prairie North.


  • Density testing by nuclear method
  • Compaction testing of soils and granular material by nuclear method
  • Materials testing (proctor, sieves, etc.),
  • Proctor tests for compaction on fills
  • Sieve gradation tests
  • Pile monitoring and inspection (as required)
  • Presentation of test results
  • Preparation of reports
  • Grout testing


Kamloops, BC

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