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Flare igniters were continually burning off the flare at Foster Creek due to heavy gas and not high enough gas flow. This was a schedule driven project that Allnorth was able to respond to quickly to support Cenovus’s environmental compliance. The project scope was to add a pilot gas line to the flare header complete with PIT, XV, MARP flowmeter and restriction orifice.

The design objective was to create a basic incinerator to improve the burn of this flare during certain periods. At the time of a flare, the operator would open the XV, after the flare event, the XV would be closed.

Allnorth was responsible for providing the following to support the new piping and instrumentation:

  • ­P&ID, PFD, and LDT
  • Shutdown key and control narrative
  • Electrical and instrumentation drawings
  • Instrument datasheets including instrument bid/evaluate/ready to award
  • Structural support details
  • HAZOP participation
  • Construction work package
  • Engineering support during construction and commissioning


  • Process engineering
  • Mechanical/piping engineering
  • Electrical/Instrumentation engineering
  • Project management
  • Construction and commissioning support


Foster Creek, AB

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