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The National Thermovoltaics retained Allnorth to advance their new power generation technology concept to a fully functioning “Demonstration Power Plant”, integrated with the steam and cooling water systems at a cement plant in Michigan, USA.  Prior to shipping to the site, the units were assembled and tested at the National Thermovoltaics Leduc facility using temporary steam generation and cooling systems.  Allnorth was responsible for providing detailed engineering for process, structural, mechanical, piping and HVAC scopes.  The condensed project schedule was achieved by concurrent discipline engineering and close coordination within the Allnorth team to deliver quality engineering on time.


  • Designing layouts to fit piping and equipment into standard shipping containers
  • Developing systems to accommodate expansion of heat transfer fluids during start-up
  • Minimizing electrical load from system components to maximize net power generation


  • Project management
  • Procurement
  • Process engineering
  • PHA attendance
  • Piping and equipment layout within shipping modules
  • Mechanical engineering, pressure vessel design
  • Piping stress analysis
  • Structural engineering; authenticated for Alberta and Michigan
  • Electrical area classification
  • Fabrication and construction support
  • Operating and Maintenance Manual
  • Fabrication inspections (TBD)
  • ABSA pressure piping and equipment registration


Edmonton, AB

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