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The Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (FLNRORD) conducts close proximity inspections of its major and high-risk bridges on variable cycles. Allnorth was engaged by FLNRORD to inspect 12 of the existing timber, steel and glulam bridges on Forest Service Roads within the Province of BC. The goal of the inspections was to clearly document the bridge condition, determine an appropriate load rating for specific structures identified as deteriorating to a state of load reduction, recommend remedial action, and any future inspection schedules and monitoring as required. The Allnorth inspection team used a Snooper-style truck which allowed them to maneuver under the bridge, for the close proximity inspection, while the truck was parked on the bridge deck.

In some areas, access to these bridges was challenging due to infrequent road use. The team was mindful of these conditions and cleared the way to ensure the safety of the Snooper truck operator and the team. As part of the terms of Allnorth’s contract with FLNRORD, local traffic could not be disrupted for the duration of these inspections. The Allnorth team effectively engaged with road users and ensured minimal delays during the inspections. 

Post inspection, Allnorth created specific reports and updated the Corporate Bridge Registry (CBR) for each structure. These documents contain maintenance and repair recommendations, an estimated year of replacement, and recommendations for conducting the next close proximity inspection.


  • Bridge inspections and reporting


Forest Service Roads in the Prince George, Mackenzie, and Coast Mountain Natural Resource Districts, BC

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