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Cenovus Energy Inc. (Cenovus) was seeking to build a new fire hall for the Christina Lake facility as the existing fire hall was no longer meeting the needs of the fire crew operations.

Due to lease timelines, the project had a vigorous schedule and subsequently, a sprung structure was selected to house the new fire hall, which would provide an expedited construction timeline of only two weeks. The fire hall was set to replace five existing dorms that were set upon an area with poor drainage and heavy frost heaving.

The 1,300 m2 structure houses six emergency vehicles in a drive-through arrangement, plus a two-storey office structure, including a mezzanine for rope training. The fire hall is connected to the existing main corridor to allow easy pedestrian access.

Allnorth was the overall project manager, and was also responsible for all the engineering on this multidisciplinary project. Allnorth managed the multidisciplinary team to deliver a Design Basis Memorandum (DBM), Class 4 cost estimate and a Project Execution Plan, which provided Cenovus with an understanding of the scope and cost of the project, and supported the project from design through to construction.

The project presented numerous challenges, which were managed as follows:

  • Due to COVID-19 distancing requirements, all project team coordination and stakeholder engagement sessions were undertaken online via Microsoft Teams.
  • The demolition pack for the removal of the existing dorms was created with no record drawings. Allnorth prepared this pack of additional scope within the original budget.
  • The geotechnical conditions were unknown as a field investigation was not possible due to COVID-19, therefore the design was progressed applying data from nearby boreholes and anecdotal information of the conditions. 

On completion, Allnorth received a 100% satisfaction score from Cenovus for the delivery of the project, and the DBM document subsequently raised the bar of quality and technical content of future DBM submissions by other consultants.


  • Overall project management, including oversight of all other consultants in the project (architectural; survey)
  • Concept design of all civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering scope
  • Class 4 cost estimate
  • Preparation of Design Basis Memorandum and Project Execution Plan
  • Stakeholder engagement


Christina Lake, AB

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