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The Britton Creek Bridge, located approximately 11 kilometres west of Tulameen, BC was a single-span bridge that sustained significant damage in the devastating Tulameen flooding in November of 2021. The flood caused the south end of the bridge to come off its abutment, leading to the decision to remove the structure. Cutting Edge Consulting Inc., engaged Allnorth to provide detail engineering design services for the removal  and de-launching procedure of this 120’ Bailey bridge.

Allnorth’s bridge engineering specialists were responsible for the detail design of the bridge de-launching including the design of the skyline cable removal system and providing all necessary tension/pulling forces for construction.

The skyline cable removal system was used to hoist and suspend the bridge in air. Sections of the bridge were then incrementally removed, by pulling the bridge along the skyline to the staging area.

Due to winter conditions potentially limiting access to the site, Allnorth closely collaborated with the construction team during the engineering stage to ensure the successful and on-time completion of the detail design.

This allowed for any potential construction issues to be accounted for, leading to the successful de-launch of the bridge, ahead of schedule in October of 2022.


  • Consistent and timely project management and coordination.
  • Detailed communication plan ensured frequent and various channels of communication with engineering and construction teams.
  • Senior experienced bridge engineering specialists involved providing expertise and knowledge.


  • Detail design
  • Project management
  • Project coordination
  • Construction support


West of Tulameen, BC

Below photo description ( Left to Right ) 

Bridge successfully removed, Excavator utilized for de-launching, Initial stages of segment removal, Skyline cable system, Final stages of de-launch, Bailey Bridge sections successfully removed. 

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