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In 2016, Allnorth was retained by Columbia Pulp to participate in an Owner-Engineer-Contractor partnership to construct a 400 tons per day (tpd) non-wood fiber pulp mill using a proprietary pulping technology. This state-of-the-art facility incorporated self-contained, energy-efficient processes that use less energy and require fewer chemicals than a traditional pulp mill. Allnorth’s scope included front-end process design and project planning, followed by detailed design, procurement support and field engineering. Allnorth was responsible for multi-discipline engineering and design of all areas of the mill, including Site Services, Fiber Handling, Pulping, Machine Room, Evaporators/Cooling Towers, Power Generation, Chemical Offloading and Warehouse.

The purpose of the facility is to produce high-quality, commodity and specialty straw pulp for direct sale to paper and packaging manufacturers as an alternative to wood-based pulp material. the pulp produced by Columbia Pulp will have quality specifications equal to or better than virgin hardwood pulp or recycled pulp. The lignin by-products of the pulping process are collected, concentrated and and loaded onto railcards for use in a number of applications, including de-icing, dust suppression, etc.

The plant includes a co-generation system to produce steam and power for the pulping process, rail and truck loading facilities for transporting straw, by-product and chemicals, and a warehouse with truck dock for shipping he straw pulp.

Allnorth worked closely with project partners to develop innovative ways of delivering engineering to the contractor in order to reduce unnecessary effort and reduce time between engineering and construction. The resulting market pulp is a sustainable product that is highly sought after by paper producers in North America.


  • Mechanical design
  • Piping design
  • Structural design
  • Electrical and Instrumentation design
  • Process control
  • Procurement support
  • Commissioning and start-up assistance


Near the Lyons Ferry crossing on the Snake River – Washington State, US





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