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The Town of Nipawin engaged Allnorth to conduct a traffic study to assess current traffic conditions and develop improvements to facilitate traffic flow.  In addition to vehicular traffic flow, the Town wanted to provide pedestrians with a safe and enjoyable walking experience. 

Allnorth’s scope was to assist with the traffic assessment and develop cost effective solutions to improve safety and traffic flows.  Allnorth assisted the Town to achieve project objectives through comprehensive analysis and assessments of traffic conditions by completing the following scope:

  • Assess traffic data, traffic patterns, delays, pedestrian routes and collisions in the identified areas to confirm the existence of identified problems
  • Develop options for alleviating traffic problems that have been confirmed by traffic data reviews; including methods of reducing delays at intersections that will alleviate or eliminate traffic problems
  • Devise economical, evidence-based improvements to the existing road network and intersections that will alleviate or eliminate traffic problems
  • Prepare prioritized recommendations for improving traffic flows and improve safety

FIGURE 1-0 Issues Map_NIpawin


  • Traffic assessment
  • Traffic options
  • Traffic improvements for road network
  • Traffic flow recommendations


Nipawin, SK


The Land Planning Advisor/Development Officer for the Town of Nipawin issued a Letter of Commendation upon project completion with the following statement:

Our mayor… stated on several occasions that this is the best report she’s seen from consultants. It was clear that Allnorth listened to comments of staff, Council, and the Traffic Study Stakeholder Group. The ability to listen to our needs, combined with the professional knowledge of Allnorth’s team, resulted in excellent recommendations to improve traffic safety and make traveling in Nipawin a more pleasurable experience.”



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