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Allnorth was retained by Victoria Gold Corporation to conduct a visual physical stability assessment for their Eagle Gold mining operation located in the Mayo Mining District, in Canada’s Yukon Territory, in support of the Quartz Mining License QML-0011.

The mining operation is required to have an independent engineer complete a physical stability assessment on an annual basis of all engineered structures associated with the process.  The inspection was limited to visual inspection and did not include any specific geotechnical or structural testing or evaluation. Visual inspection generally consisted of traversing the structures on foot, viewing the structures in their entirety from accessible vantage points, and identifying any visual indicators associated with instability of mass earth structures; including but not limited to tension cracking, bulging, pooled water above the slope or near the toe of the slope, falling material, indications of creep, slumps, deposits of debris, and cracking in bedrock.

Constructed slopes were reviewed for slope angles and compared against the recommended slope angles for known material types on site. Any issues that were discovered were investigated and documented with detailed notes and photographs.

The Allnorth inspector was given complete freedom in determining what to look at and was not restricted access to any locations within the site.


  • Civil/structural engineering
  • On-site inspections


Mayo, YT

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