Walterdale Bridge Erection Engineering

The City of Edmonton hired Acciona Pacer Joint Venture (APJV), as General Contractor for the construction of a replacement for the Walterdale bridge in Edmonton’s downtown core. 

Allnorth was subsequently contracted by APJV, as the Erection Engineer of Record for the installation of the replacement bridge.  Allnorth’s scope of work encompassed the design and/or approval of all erection procedures and methods used throughout the construction of the Walterdale bridge. 

The Allnorth bridge engineering team, based in our Vancouver office, developed the procedure for the installation of the arch. Subsequent work included a process for the installation of the roadway deck and also the pedestrian walkway. Throughout each stage of construction, Allnorth provided or approved the design of all required temporary structures.

Allnorth also delivered constant onsite assistance to improve the responsiveness of the design process to changes in the field.

As Erection Engineer of Record, Allnorth has been responsible for the coordination and review of all work by consultants on the project.  Consequently Allnorth has worked effectively with a wide range of engineering providers to complete this project efficiently.

Services in this project

Civil Engineering

Allnorth has the personnel and resources to effectively manage entire projects from concept to construction.

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Project and Construction Management

At Allnorth, we believe that communication and teamwork, from start to finish, are key to the successful execution of any project. We work closely with our clients to plan and manage projects from initial concept through to delivery.

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Structural Engineering

Allnorth provides comprehensive structural engineering design services for industrial, commercial, and municipal clients. We design short- and long-span bridge structures; municipal, industrial, and commercial buildings; and temporary construction works.

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