Sour Oilfield Development

Allnorth provided “as-built” services for the existing central multi-well oil battery and field satellite sites for an oil field. The client had acquired a pre-existing field and required a detailed “work-to-date” analysis and plan to assess how to bring the project up to current operational standards and company guidelines. As part of the as-built process, Allnorth conducted an engineering review of the existing system, which involved completely re-analyzing the structures. Under client direction, significant re‑engineering was undertaken to ensure compliance with the company’s new production mandate. A vapour recovery unit (VRU) addition was completed to eliminate any potential odour concerns. This anchor work supported the subsequently installation and development of several field satellites and an expansion of the pipeline network.

Allnorth’s responsibilities for this project included:

  • Mechanical engineering design
  • Process engineering design
  • Electrical and instrumentation design

About this oil and gas project

This project is located near Bruderheim, Alberta.

Services in this project

Electrical & Instrumentation Engineering

Allnorth offers a complete electrical and instrumentation (E & I) systems package – engineering, installation, integration testing, commissioning, and field services.

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Mechanical Engineering

Allnorth provides comprehensive mechanical and piping engineering services to industrial projects. Our in-house  multidisciplinary expertise allows Allnorth to offer integrated service packages for clients in multiple sectors.

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Process Engineering

Allnorth provides integrated process engineering service packages for industrial projects. We recognize that downtime is expensive for our clients, so our teams specialize in retrofitting new systems into existing operations with minimal disruption.

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