Rail Car Dumper Installation GPR Scan, Canfor Pulp LP

Allnorth provided ground-penetrating radar (GPR) scanning services to determine the extent of hydraulic fluid spillage that had occurred in the ground around an existing rail car dumper installation. Allnorth conducted three types of scans to determine the extent of the spill. A 200 MHz utility scan was conducted through the wall of the pump house to identify fluid pooling in the soil beyond the wall. A 1.6 GHz structure scan was conducted on the walls and ceiling of the reclaim conveyor dump pit to locate rebar and aid in core drilling. A 200 MHz utility scan was performed on the surface above and around the reclaim conveyor dump pit, as well as around the dumper where the initial spill occurred.

Through the use of GPR scanning, Allnorth was able to provide CPLP with additional information and insight to better facilitate decisions regarding repair.

Allnorth’s responsibilities for this project included:

  • On-site ground-penetrating radar (GPR) scanning
  • Data processing and reporting

About this pulp and paper project

Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership (CPLP) is a global supplier of pulp and paper products with operations in the central interior of British Columbia, Canada. The Northwood Pulp Mill is located in Prince George, British Columbia.

Services in this project

Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) Scanning

GPR scanning is used to locate and map subsurface utilities, accurately inspect concrete structures, and collect and visualize 3D data. Allnorth offers ground-penetrating radar (GPR) scanning with a selection of antennas and RADAN® 3D data processing software.

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