Northern Courier Pipeline Project

The Northern Courier Pipeline Project (NCP) will transport heated bitumen from the bitumen extraction facility at the Fort Hills Mine (Fort Hills) to the Suncor Voyageur East Tank Farm (ETF). This requires a new tank terminal and bitumen pump station to be built near Fort Hills called NCP Fort Hills, plus a new diluent pump station near the East Tank Farm called NCP ETF.

The construction of the two 90 kilometre pipelines involves  a 24” bitumen pipeline from Fort Hills to the Suncor Voyageur ETF and a 12” diluent pipeline from the Suncor Voyageur ETF to NCP Fort Hills. The associated facilities include the NCP Fort Hills Bitumen pump station and tank terminal (NCP Fort Hills) and the NCP east tank farm diluent pump station (NCP ETF).

This project is owned and operated by Northern Courier Pipeline GP Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of TransCanada Pipelines Limited (TCPL). Morgan Construction and Environmental Ltd. (Morgan) started construction of the tank farm facilities in September 2014 which were completed within six months.

Allnorth provided the technical field services including laboratory testing, quality control on the placement of aggregate materials and survey services, including layout and asbuilts for the construction of TransCanada Pipelines’ tank farms adjacent to the Fort Hills project.


  • Materials testing
  • Construction surveying

Services in this project

Materials Testing

Allnorth provides on-site and office-based materials testing services that complement our construction management and surveying services. Using mobile testing laboratories, Allnorth’s technicians conduct standard tests for concrete, asphalt, and aggregates and soils.

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Our experienced team of professional and technical survey staff use Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS, robotic total stations, CADD On Site, and 3D laser scanning to support projects in a variety of industries.

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