Hemlo Paste Plant Relocation, Nanaimo Foundry & Engineering Works Ltd.

Allnorth provided as-built drawings of an existing paste plant facility located in Marathon, Ontario. As part of an expansion project for a Chilean mine, the building and equipment was to be disassembled, transported to Chile, and reassembled at the mine site. Allnorth scanned the entire facility using our 3D laser scanner and used the 3D data to create 2D as-built drawings. The client could then use these drawings to obtain competitive pricing on the reassembly and ensure all components were accounted for and shown in their correct locations.

Allnorth’s responsibilities for this project included:

  • 3D scanning and modeling


About this mining project

Nanaimo Foundry and Engineering Works specializes in metal fabrication, machining and field construction.

Services in this project

3D Scanning

Allnorth provides 3D laser scanning services using our in-house 3D laser scanner, Leica ScanStation™ C10. Our technical staff produce 3D solid models, volume and area calculations, topographic detail surveys, and quantity surveys.

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