GPR Scan of #1 Washer Vat, Intercontinental Pulp Mill, Canfor Pulp LP

Allnorth performed 1.6 GHz ground-penetrating radar (GPR) scans of the underside of the #1 Washer Vat at the Intercon Pulp Mill. These scans were analyzed and used to provide an assessment of the probable condition of the underside of the vat by identifying areas of moisture saturation that represented probable rebar corrosion. After areas of concern were identified, small sections of concrete were removed to confirm the validity of the GPR results.

The bottom of the washer vat was made up of an 8-inch thick suspended concrete slab, which had developed significant leakage in multiple locations.

Through the use of GPR scanning, Allnorth was able to provide CPLP with additional information and insight into the condition of different portions of the vat to better facilitate decisions regarding its repair.

Allnorth’s responsibilities for this project included:

  • On-site ground-penetrating radar (GPR) scanning
  • Data processing and reporting

About this pulp and paper project

Canfor Pulp Limited Partnership (CPLP) is a global supplier of pulp and paper products with operations in the central interior of British Columbia, Canada. The Intercontinental Pulp Mill is located in Prince George, British Columbia.

Services in this project

Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) Scanning

GPR scanning is used to locate and map subsurface utilities, accurately inspect concrete structures, and collect and visualize 3D data. Allnorth offers ground-penetrating radar (GPR) scanning with a selection of antennas and RADAN® 3D data processing software.

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