Engineering Services for Goodwood Road, Labrador, Newfoundland

Goodwood Road is a 38 kilometre haul road located in Labrador, Newfoundland, for the transportation of ore in heavy haul trucks to a process plant located in Schefferville, QC. 

Allnorth was hired by Dexter Construction on behalf of TATA Steel Minerals Canada Limited for the provision of engineering services related to the construction of the haul road.  This scope of work included hydraulic analysis at seven watercourse crossings to confirm structure type and crossing sizes.  

The project also required the provision of geotechnical support, an options analysis for various structure types, preliminary design and detailed design of four culvert crossing and three steel arches over fish bearing watercourses.


  • Hydrology study
  • Geotechnical support
  • Detailed design
  • Civil engineering


Services in this project

Civil Engineering

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