Bridge Inspection Program - Cameron Street Bridge - City of Prince George

The Cameron Street bridge is a vital crossing within the City of Prince George (City) and is used by thousands of vehicles every day. The original structure was built in the 1930’s and consisted of four timber Howe truss spans and two timber jump spans.
In 2003, Allnorth was engaged by the City to develop a regular maintenance inspection program to monitor the structure and ensure public safety. An annual inspection program was implemented which involved a detailed inspection of the structure once a year with subsequent quarterly visual inspections. Allnorth provided reports which included photos, drawings and maintenance recommendations. During the detailed inspection in 2005, a significant portion of rot was discovered in one of the main truss components which led to closure of the bridge. Allnorth provided conceptual designs and cost estimates to repair the deteriorated components, however, the City determined that these exceeded the budget allowance for the structure at the time.

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